Store or website analytics

Measure traffic & conversion

Accurately count store traffic and related conversion to better evaluate the total sales opportunity.

Benchmark store performance

Get segment-specific data down to the zip code to benchmark store performance against competition & the broader market.

Measure marketing & operations

Gain quantitative insight on the impact of campaigns on shopper experience, loyalty and sales.

Data integration & analytics

Explore integrated data sets interactively to quickly discover insights and create meaningful change.

How It Works

Measure, Benchmark and Create Positive Change

Understanding the impact of marketing and operational efforts on in-store sales is complicated. Not only have shopper behaviors changed, but the retail landscape has rapidly evolved.

Retailers and mall owners need a Retail Analytics solution with reliable data to help them make informed decisions that positively impact sales. With insight into how many shoppers are walking into a store and when, retailers can create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand the related impact. Incorporating broader market benchmark, promotional, and other data sets, retailers will be able to convert real-time data into meaningful insight to sell more, faster.

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